It’s no secret that Prezi is a useful addition to the classroom, but it can be so much more than a more dynamic version of Powerpoint. This Fall, I started using Prezi to supplement lessons in my writing classes, and the students responded better than I’d imagined. The first Prezi was a pretty simple presentation, used as a visual anchor for our class discussion. It was pretty powerpoint-y:

I got some pretty interesting comments on my end of the semester evaluation. When asked what they found especially helpful in the class, they said they loved the way we used Prezi in class, but they also appreciated being able to revisit the Prezis from class. Surprisingly, they didn’t view them linearly. Instead, they used them to review specific parts of the lesson, much like an image map.

Prezi sort of straddles that line between slideshow and image map anyhow, so the comments about Prezi on their evaluation started me thinking – what if I just push my Prezis designs more toward image map than slideshow? They’d still be useful for guilding in-class lessons, but they’d be more useful for students who revisit them outside of class. I designed next semester’s syllabus for WRIT 102: Business with the image map idea in mind:

Instead of flipping through a three page syllabus, students can scan this one image to find answers to their questions about course policies and expectations. I’m looking forward to seeing how it goes.