My research interest in digital literacies springs from my fascination with all forms of composition including digital. Below you’ll find some examples of my work. I have experience in video production, audio production, web design, graphic design, and page layout for publication.


This video was created to accompany a workshop on writing assessment my colleagues and I gave at the request of the University of Mississippi Medical Center School of Health Related Professions. This workshop grew into a collaboration with the writing centers to provide distance, online writing support for their students.

This brief informative advertising video was produced to advertise the online writing center. It is specially intended to be shared by teachers of online classes, especially those at the medical center with with whom our writing centers had a collaboration.

This instructional video was embedded in The Writing Centers web page, directly beside the online consultation sign-in to allow newcomers a walk through.

This video was produced after TutorCon 2013, the regional tutoring conference I founded while working as the Regional Writing Centers Coordinator at The University of Mississippi. The piece was intended as both a thank-you and to drum up excitement for next year’s conference in the hopes that it would grow. It did.

This was the first marketing video produced for The University of Mississippi Desoto writing center. It was shown at orientations and by teachers in classrooms during the first week of class. We saw writing center usage double every semester for the first four semesters, in part, as a result of the widespread marketing efforts.

This video was produced as part of an online conference on writing centers.



The Digital Writing Center
This website is a step along the process of my work exploring the role of writing centers in the composition life if a digital composer. It was created as a final project during The Ohio State University’s Digital Media and Composition Institute.

The Website of Paula Miller
This site was also one of my designs.